Whale Shark Excursion & Snorkeling
Whale shark excursion package *
P1: Whale Shark Snorkeling
Full day trip (minimum of 6 pax)
with own snorkel equipment 3700,-
Rental snorkel equipment: mask, snorkel, fins & booties (whole day) 350,-
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P2: Whale Shark Snorkeling & 1 Scuba Dive Peso
Whale shark snorkeling & 1 scuba dive with own equipment, please add to P1 1500,-
Rental fee for complete scuba diving equipment, please add per dive 300,-
Only snorkeling is allowed in whale shark designated aeras. The scuba dives will take place in non whale shark designated aeras. Nevertheless, there is always a good chance to encounter them, while you execute these dives.

*Whale shark excursions are full day trips. They include: sanctuary-, whale shark spotter- and registration fees.

Coffee, tea, drinking water and a little snack are free on board.

Various Lunch-Packs are available (surcharge).