COVID-19 Info

As of October 2020


Dear friends and acquaintances, dear diving enthusiasts and Philippine lovers!


No matter where on this planet - the Corona virus has a lock on the world! And unfortunately, this situation is likely to remain for some time to come, so we are trying to inform you as precisely as possible about what is going on in Southern Leyte, resp. in the Philippines:


On 16 March 2020, the first lockdown together with the first 14-day quarantine was declared in Southern Leyte, which were followed by more that were loosened and then again intensified in irregular intervals.


However, we got off relatively lightly here in the province. So far, there were only a few Covid-19 cases and no deaths, and there were and are only minor supply bottlenecks: food, electricity, water, telephone, Internet (which is unspeakably slow during the day) and all other things that are important for our daily life are available without limitations. Freedom of movement (within Southern Leyte) is moderate and quite relaxed. Of course, the usual measures such as taking the temperature, wearing face masks, disinfection and social distancing apply.


Of course, the situation did not pass us by without damage. Due to numerous cancellations caused by e.g. the ban on accommodation and entertainment, we had to let more than half of our employees (crew and staff) go, resp. put on short work. However, we will continue to pay their health insurance and social contributions in full until further notice.


Despite it all - we were never bored and have tirelessly been preparing ourselves for the times after Corona - whenever that might be! Our boats are in the dry-dock and are being thoroughly checked, modified, and repaired, where necessary. At the same time, a new Bangka boat named “INSTANT KARMA” (length 32 m, V8 Diesel motor) is being constructed and should be finished by the end of this year. You will be thrilled!


The compressors and outboard motors work smoothly. The (scuba) tanks have been cleaned, their valves have been rebuilt or replaced, and 220 bar of best breathing air per tank wait to be consumed.


The SLD Dive Shop has been renovated and has a shiny new look. Of course, this includes servicing the entire equipment like ABCs, regulators, jackets, dive computers etc.


The bungalows and rooms are in top shape as usual, the roofs have been repainted, the beach has been cleaned, the sundowner terrace has been swept and our landscaper has given free rein to creativity in and around the resort!


Freshly painted with new chairs and appealing decorations - that’s how you’ll find our kitchen, restaurant and bar. The menu has been edited and new tasty dishes were added, the bar offers new and renowned cocktails to dive into and the wine, liquor and beverage selection

is unparalleled around here. Overall, the best conditions to enjoy and feel good.


Last but not least - staff, crew and management are fit, healthy and fully motivated to make your next stay at Southern Leyte Divers an absolute highlight.



Don’t hesitate to contact as directly by writing an email to

or calling us at +63 0971 663 1592 (WhatsApp)


All the best and stay healthy

Guenter Mosch & Family

& Southern Leyte Divers Staff & Crew

  Please use the following sources for more

Philippine Enquirer, daily newspaper

Manila Bulletin, daily newspaper

Official website of Southern Leyte

The Freeman, Cebu daily newspaper 

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