Traveller's-Checklist & Info


Got everything?        
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Adapter plug German/Europe to US-Standard, 2-poles-flat.  
Airline tickets incl. phone number(s) for reconfirmations.    
Batteries e.g. for cameras, camcorder, flashlights, walkman etc.  
Camcorder best in a water repellent reservoir.    
Camera best in a water repellent reservoir.    
Copies of passport, airline tickets and important documents.    
Eyeglasses if applicable prescription and spare glasses.    
Flashlight always useful, especially on blackouts.    
Medicaments particularly for individual treatments.    
Mobile phone Signal coverage almost everywhere. SIM cards available from SMART and GLOBELINES for less than US$ 4.-. Prepaid cards available from 100.- up to 1.000. - Pesos.  
Money: CC, TC CASH, ATMs iWe accept MasterCard and VISA. Traveler checks rather difficult to cash in, and processing-fees can be quite high. Best you bring EURO & US$ – also British £, Japanese ¥ and Swiss Francs – and change it in Manila or Cebu (best rates)into Philippine Peso. ATM’s are common in Maasin City. Multiple withdrawals up to 10.000.- Pesos per draw are possible.    
Moskito repellant Off, Autan etc.  
Passport still has to be valid at least 6 month.    
Presents Philippinos love: ballpoint pens, lighters, imported
sweets, t-shirts and all sorts of giveaways.
Recharger(s) for mobile phones, cameras, flashlights etc. (210/220V).    
Sunglasses additional protection while riding a bike.  
Sun protection sun protection factor 20 and above.    
  Available most everywhere in the Philippines - sometimes even cheaper than at home.