The Making Of Southern Leyte Divers

The beginning takes place in the year 1990.

Günter worked as an instructor in Palawan. On a trip through the Philippines, he took rest in San Roque, a town on the island Southern Leyte. In a completely unknown region, at least for foreigners, he met Alona, a Philippina. Back then is was difficult, due a lengthy journey (more than 7 hours) and an irregular ferry that came in the night, to get to this island. Together, Alona and Günter searched within 100 km of her hometown for a possible diving-station, and one that would provide a chance to fill tanks. With disappointment they began to realize the region was just good for snorkelers, and their hopes sank on finding a paradise for divers.

Günter Mosch started diving in 1978. Before he founded the
„Southern Leyte Divers“ in 1997, he worked as an Instructor on the Maldives Islands, Palawan, Egypt and Germany.
A proud sum of more than 3.500 dives makes him highly qualified as a Padi Master Instructor.

After getting married in Germany, Günter and Alona spent three years travelling between Karlsruhe and the Philippines, without visiting Southern Leyte once. In the spring of 1996, they both made a resolution, to make a side-trip to her hometown on their next visit to the Philippines. Alona travelled ahead with her 10 month old son Adrian. 12 weeks later she picked up Günter and his friend „Wolle“ Wolfgang at the airport in Manila.

  Alona Mosch was born and raised in San Roque. She is in charge of the resort, the restaurant and the kids of course.
Her famous Asian-western cuisine is the result of a six year long stay in Germany. Occasionally she accompanies
Günter on his dives.

After long debate, they took up the idea again of finding a way to make Southern Leyte an attractive vacationing area for divers. To all the good surprises that would come, the first was a modern ferry, called Super cat, that made the trip over to the island shorter, by five hours! The trip from Cebu to Maasin, the capital of Southern Leyte, was now in a reasonable time to be reached. They set up headquarters in San Roque, laying 25 km from Maasin, and began the same search as in the year 1990. The feelings of euphoria vanished, after intensely scanning the area and not having once the chance to use the taken along diving equipment. They swallowed their disappointment and began to deal with the truth, here would be no place for diving excursions. Just a day before leaving for an earlier departure, Alona made a discovery that changed everything.

  „Wolle“ Wolfgang Horn is a Padi Dive master with more than 600 dives. In the early 90ties he also was working in Palawan and he will be settling in soon on Southern Leyte.



Three boys named Rio, Roy, and Dag with an old but still functional Bauer Utilus Compressor, including tanks, made dreams come true. The next day, with a rented boot, they rode out to the island Limasawa; a completely unknown diving region even for Phillippinos. Günter und Wolle put on their diving equipment and plunged in at the next best site. What then came, neither of them could have put it into words. Not even their best expectations came close to what they found; a wonderful drop-off, clear water, undamaged corals, fish and turtles. Today this place is known as Adrian's Cove, beloved by tourists and natives.

Für großes Bild, bitte klicken... First Limasawa
May 1996


From left to right: Alona and Rio
– Roy and Günter –
Dag and Bobong (boatman). Wolle is taking the picture.

Für große Karte, bitte klicken...

Diving expeditions around the island of Limasawa were, from this point on, more than once a day on the agenda. Not one corner was to be left undiscovered. Diving expeditions followed on the riffs of San Roque, Padre Burgos and on the island of Panaon. Each dive was as impressive and interesting as the other.

Four months later, it was time to go back to Germany. For Günter and Alona one thing was for sure, that they would soon return back to this wonderful island. Seven months later, after living in Karlsruhe, the time had come to return back to Southern Leyte. In March 1997, the first personal belongings and equipment reached San Roque. The house there was renovated and built to serve the needs of coming guests. From then on they cheered "Philippines Now" – and that for a long time to come.