Divers Checklist


    I have   I get    
ABC-Equipment mask, snorkel, fins, booties  
Adapter (outlets) German/Europe to US-Standard, 2-poles-flat    
Batteries for cameras, flashlights, computers etc.  
BCD with/without integrated weights. Weight pockets?  
Certification Card have it with you, all the time you’re traveling      
Divecomputer decompression-model is o. k? Are batteries o.k.?  
Dive table still know how it works?  
Divers knife just a small one is o.k. as a tool  
Flash storage cards for digicam etc.    
Logbook as a proof of your diving experience      
Rechargers for flashlights, cameras, camcorder etc. (210/220V)    
Regulator with octopus and pressure gauge  
Signal-Device buoy, life sausage, Nico-signal, whistle etc.  
Spare part box customized to your individual equipment      
UW-Camera checked and ready for use (spare parts)?    
UW-Compass always good to know where you are!  
UW-Flashlight have also spare bulbs?  
UW-Slate might come into play sometimes.  
Wetsuit 3 - 5 mm long john or shorty  
  You may rent with Southern Leyte Divers - please refer to equipment-rentals.
  You may buy anywhere in the Philippines - sometimes even cheaper than at home.